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“strong but invisible”

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Hello! I’m Ruth - mother, doula and general badass ;)

You might have heard that most doulas do not mind what kind of birth you have, but I do.

I want you to be:

  • respected

  • compassionately cared for

  • and listened to.

I will work with you so that you are in the best position for these things to be true and for you to have the best birth experience possible.

Your reasons and feelings for why you are looking for a doula are totally unique to you and your family and I want to learn all about them. When we meet I will ask you to tell me about yourself and your partner too if you have one and I will listen unconditionally and learn about your plans, thoughts, worries and desires for birth and parenthood. It might be that you would like me to support you through a second birth following a difficult first.

Ruth was an exceptional doula, clearly born to do the job! She’s a genuinely kind, caring and nurturing person as well as being extremely well informed and knowledgeable with all things birth and baby related! I enjoyed every meeting we had, from the brilliant antenatal session thinking about our birth plan, to all the post-natal help she gave when I was unexpectedly unwell following the birth - she turned up at the drop of a hat and always knew exactly how to make life easier for all of us during what were some pretty tough times. Even responding to my panicking texts at 3am was really above and beyond, but not for her. She really does care. I was in two minds about how valuable a doula would really be at first.


Or perhaps you are first time parent/s putting your team in place for the best experience you can have. Maybe it is your partner who is looking for an extra ear, shoulder or friendly face to remind them that all is well while you are giving birth. We often work towards a birth plan together, and practice discomfort management techniques during the antenatal meetings so that you know what to expect and I will know better what you like and what you do not. So that when the day arrives, you will be ready to meet your baby with the mindset you want and all the tools you need.

Finding the doula that you connect with is important, and I will not be the right doula for everyone, so we encourage you to contact a few different people to hear our voices and see our faces. I’m sure you will feel it once you know. I’m on the end of the phone if you want to ask any questions, and my website has lots of free resources and some other doula magic. If you need to ask about payment plans or have any worries about payment, please ask as I can almost always make sure that you get the support you need in the way you need it.

I can’t wait to meet you.

I will always be grateful for what she’s done for us
Our local health services and midwives have been great, but I think having Ruth should come on the NHS too.
She has been wonderful to us and I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Hit up my website for more testimonials…

I work in a share care trio with two other amazing doulas: Charlie and Laura as The Good Birth Practice. I go into the whys and whats in more detail on my website - in short we offer hypnobirthing group and private courses, birth and postnatal doula support with deals and discounts besides - come and have a look.

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